Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Company Loyalty

It’s fairly rare nowadays for anyone to bother with a discussion about company loyalty – it is a lopsided emotion.  People are suckered into unrequited loyalty and into disillusioned ideas that their companies care about them.  It’s very obvious in our current financial situation that companies know this basic principle: when the going gets tough, the people get going (to the unemployment line that is).

When the story about Red Mill Natural Foods broke out this week, I didn’t think too many people brought attention to it.  If you haven’t heard or read it, owner Bob Moore essentially gave all his shares and ownership to his employees right before his retirement.  I have little faith in corporate and professional life, but this is one of the very few stories that really helps curb some of my skepticism.  Praise is thrown around too easily these days, but this is really an amazing and magnanimous gesture. 

So cheers for Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, I’d certainly pledge support for their products just on principle.

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