Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Test Kitchen

Yeah, its been a while.  Personally, I’d love to get more stuff up quickly, but the last few months have just been go go go.  Where does the time go?  Hopefully sooner or later, certain things come to fruition and I can start freely updating the blog with a little more frequency and regularity.  I think I still have yet to finish my NY trip recap.  Doh.

These were a few dishes I had been messing around with for the last couple of weeks.  They’re not particularly special in much of any way, but rather more of just a byproduct of the stuff I’ve been able to get my hands on. 


Seared Short Rib w/ Bitter Melon and Black Bean Sabayon  

IMG_3966  IMG_3974

IMG_3972 IMG_3975

Basically, it’s a semi-Chinese classic reinterpretation.  Black bean sabayon is crack good though.  Didn’t bother to do much with plating, it was more family style kind of dinner and I was probably a little lazy.



Roasted Trout on Bed of Salsify Garlic “Noodles” w/ Meyer Lemon 

IMG_3980 IMG_3981

IMG_3984   IMG_3995 

Fried Trout with Savoy Cabbage Salad, Cayenne Mint Nuoc Cham

IMG_3985 IMG_3987

 IMG_3990 IMG_3994

I ended up with two 1.5 lb trout from my buddy Ben who happened to be fishing over the weekend and decided to make a nice little trout dinner.  Happened to have some meyer lemons from Hamada and some tender baby savoy cabbage from Dirty Girl. 



Itty Bitty Piggy Buttermilk Biscuits. 

IMG_4007  IMG_4010

I made a couple of duck ones too.  Hmm… piggy.



Dungeness Crab Tomalley & Roe Custard Cake with Ikura and Aged Shoyu

IMG_4012 IMG_4015

I made the custard cake after I hosted a crab dinner with some friends.  They were wondering what we should do with all the gooey stuff that was coming out of the middle shell, so I naturally showed them that eggs + gooey crab guts/roe = tasty.  I bought an entire sack of ikura which was a pain in the ass to clean, but 1/2 the price per pound and I could control how much brine it was going to get.  Sometimes they overwhelm it with salt when you buy it cleaned/brined. 

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