Thursday, April 8, 2010

HFP Videos from Japan


This is a video of an awesome machine in Kyoto that turns out tons of little shortcakes that have a pancake like texture with a little crisp.  There are sometimes filled with vanilla custard or red bean.


These gals made fluffy Japanese pancakes and then filled them with sweet goodies of your choice.  I love the costumes and the funny faces branded on the cakes.  The fact that they have a special tool to make the faces is even better.


This video is from the Nishiki Market in Kyoto where the guy was grilling oysters for less than a buck a piece.  These Japanese oysters don’t have much brine, but have a very nice creamy texture.


This is charcoal grilled tofu on a stick with a house made miso paste.  They sold the miso paste separately as well.


This is from a street food vendor in Osaka, where we sampled a nice egg and greens (spinach and green onion, I think) Okonomiyaki.


I’m calling it ebiyaki, shrimp version of takoyaki (octopus).  These little creamy balls of shrimp and veggies are also from Osaka’s street food offerings.


This is a video of the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo.  Watch as buildings disappear in seconds.  I think you can also spot a Nissin ramen factory along the way.


This was taken from the middle of Kyoto station where a million people move in a million directions constantly.  This was pretty busy, but I’d say it doesn’t compare to the madness of Tokyo station.  I do not have a video of that, I was afraid of being trampled.

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  1. Love these videos! You won't ever taste much in terms of brine or true flavor in oysters in Japan because by law the depurate everything... all the flavor and natural seawater literally gets zapped out of them!