Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving Forward


First of all, I would like to thank for the attention and quirky hoopla that took place last week – a big part of it, is also attributed to Desi on the Summit blog.  I feel blessed to have garnered the attention. 

To be perfectly honest, I have no issue with making it known that I will be heading the food program at the Summit and I have been making all the steps to transition from my current job to my new responsibilities.  Between all the handoff work of one job and the responsibilities and meetings of a new one – I have frankly been inundated with tasks which have left me with little time to blog, confirm and properly craft the right messages in response.  Considering I had no intention of stretching out what seems to be painfully obvious, (blown cover within seconds of the eater posting I think) I made it a priority this week to work out all the mission statements, meetings and contracts that needed attention prior to making it officially known.  There was no hidden agenda to be coy so I apologize if that took place. 

Thankfully I live in an industry where publicity and hoopla are only false idols that can bring people to the gate, but never promises keep them in.  Your food is ultimately your salvation.    

In the coming months, I really hope to sincerely make the focus of this project about the food, the ingredients, the farms, the vendors, the successes and even the mistakes.  I plan on using my voice, my blog and twitter to make this an open, transparent and organic process.  In that mindset, I think it makes this something similar to a grassroots affair (with the aid of the internet, of course). 

On a personal note, keeping the picture of me (or any for that matter) that looks like I’m on the toilet in the bathroom (actually it’s a former hospital room) is motivation enough to move the discussion to food. 

Thank you all for reading and supporting me.  I hope you can join me during this exciting time.

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