Friday, March 12, 2010

Musings and Amusings

-I turned 28 this week.

-Friend, chef and 4505 Meats man, Ryan Farr paid me one of the best complements I’ve received in a while: “you’re pretty well put together for 28.”  

-I don’t review restaurants ever, but I do want you to know that my dinner at Wexler’s for my birthday was fantastic.  That and working your balls off in a kitchen is better than Jenny Craig; see chef Charlie and sous chef Joe for a clear visual explanation.

-28 / 2 + 7 = 21, damn, I broke the drinking age limit. 

-Celebrating 3 years in San Francisco soon and to this day, I have not gone to a strip club in this city.  Sometimes I amaze myself.

-March 14 is closing in, dammit.  It’s suddenly become the loneliest day of the year.  I want to see Hallmark try to market this date with a card or a Lifetime network special.

-My day job, side/pet projects, and everything else has been pure craziness.  I’m trying Ringo, I’m trying.

-In case, I haven’t said it like a million times, I am going to Japan.  I will be going with a couple of friends, one of whom is a professional photographer.  That means I get to post sweet ass pictures instead of the amateur shit I throw on week to week.  I know, I am weaksauce with that kind of stuff.

-Japan is the first vacation that is not veiled by some sort of occasion (family/friends gathering, wedding, other) that I have had in 2 years.  And before that vacation, it was 4 years ago – when I decided to visit San Francisco on whim.  The rest is history.

-I think I’m seriously making a run at trying to make as many fun and esoteric sandwiches as I possibly can.


-Beef on Weck, baby.  There is something beautiful about a sandwich that can offer equal appreciation for both the meat and the bun.  The bread/bun is normally like the Paul Rudd of good sandwiches.  


-Current coffee on drip: Blue Bottle Cauca Tierradentro. 

-I enjoyed reading the NYTimes article on the emergence of new coffee powerhouses 2 years after it happened.

-I don’t get why people who drive in California do not know the importance of putting up a thank you wave for the people that let them into their lane.  Just stick your damn right hand up.

-I love other people’s interest in food or even their interest in “my” food, but seriously I can’t answer the question, “what’s your signature dish?”  Signatures are designed by customer and critical perception – not most chefs.  Basically, if you asked Barry Sanders, “What’s your favorite touchdown?”  His response might be exactly the same as mine: “The next one.”

-I was at Philz coffee twice this week because of circumstance and not choice.  I’m personally a Coffeebar rat – though I abide by the unspoken under 2 hour rule (in case Luigi is reading).  I had the Silken Splendor… twice.

-Visavis, here is a man’s (or just my own) natural and honest digression process:  Silken Splendor…sounds like Silk Spectre… visual image of Malin Ackerman … visual image of latex suits … reminds me of debate of Malin Ackerman vs. Carla Gugino … Carla Gugino hands down … Carla Gugino’s perfection in Sin City … brain = mush.

-I laugh and talk to myself way too much for someone that doesn’t wander the Tenderloin on something…

-It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the Thai action at Lers Ros.  I’m really starting to feel the need and desire for it.  Let me share my sentiments with a video depiction:

-I once thought I had a chance to meet Jennifer Beals while working at Orson, I’m not sure if she was there at some point, but I definitely didn’t meet her.  The chefs thought it was randomly funny that 1). knew who she was and 2). thought she was still pretty hot.  I know she’s in her 40’s, but I don’t see much wrong here: 


Do you?

-The words “new American” make me feel dirty and cliche.  I hate using it sometimes, but people don’t get it when I try to tell them what modern Western interpretation and progressive seasonal means.  This is an example of how a conversation has gone:

Q: So what do you cook?

A: Besides cats, dogs and furry hamsters?

Q: No, I mean what kind of cuisine?  What’s your style?

A: Well it’s not specific to region really, its a modern seasonal approach and progressive technical interpretations of mainly Western based cuisine in a sense.  I’m not a big chemicals guy though…

Q: …

A: Umm, yea, like…ummm…. “new American”  

Q: Oh so, like its like new burgers and fancy mac-and-cheese?

A: No.

Q: Oh, so what’s your signature or favorite dish?

A: <sigh>…

-My friend Cole and I were talking the other day about intentions, ambitions and pet projects and such.  Along those lines, he put out a simple caveat that we both very much agree on:


Limitations are more likely to be self-imposed and unhappy byproducts of jaded experiences or skepticism.  Sometimes being oblivious or ignorant to those limitations can be a great asset for success… or complete failure due to inexperience. 

(paraphrased to you)

Take a look around, there’s always some dumb asshole that you can’t believe is your boss/superior.  That dumb asshole could be you.

-Every time I see gratuitous nudity in a serious movie, I try to pay attention to the actress’ face.  It’s what I like to call “the Eva Mendes, Training Day effect.”

-Jason Bourne, I mean, Matt Damon is a badass.  Wicked haaaahhhddd. 

-The Boston accent is quite possibly the least sexiest thing on the face of this planet.  It can turn a really gorgeous woman into a gorgeous woman with a possible hint of brain damage.  On the other end, total sucker for British, French and Dutch accents.

-It’s really weird to see Callum Blue from Secret Diary of a Call Girl as General Zod on Smallville.  It’s really fucking up my world when I catch a rerun with him in Secret Diary.  Weird.

-Why do I watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl?  Bambi, that’s why.

-Why do I watch Smallville? I’m closet former comic dork, that’s why.  I mean, Lois Lane, that’s why.

 Erica Durance Pics

-It’s been a few weeks since I last had dim sum – an unprecedented streak.

-Have you had an experience where you went back to a place and immediately realized you perfectly ordered almost all the wrong items the first time, but everything else on the menu was fantastic the next 3 times?  It just happened to me the other day.  One-time review critics, take note. 

-Why did I go back the second time?  Because they had one signature item worth going back for – as deemed by me, myself and I.