Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Week Closer…

It was a hectic but unbelievable week for The Summit project.  After a few weeks of tough breaks with construction and planning delays, we seemed to have finally gotten in the right direction and flow with getting everything ready to go.  I haven’t been specific with updates recently, but here’s a piece by piece review of all the shit that’s been going down.

-Thank you ABC for being attentive, responsive and amazingly cooperative for getting our license seemingly in line with our expected dates.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about a government licensing agency and I was overwhelmingly surprised to feel so positive about this one. 

-We are narrowing down our equipment and we finally got all the final drawing edits completed and ready to go a week and a half ago.  Despite a 2 week delay, things got back on track. 

-I will tell you that I have not had a good experience with equipment vendors, I do not understand how people can possibly be so irresponsible with responding and getting back to perspective clients in good time.  Is it me or does it feel like I have to spend most of the work in order for me to give people money?  It makes saying “no” to some of the bids very easy.

-The woodwork for our bar construction is nearing completion and it is looking quite snazzy, here is a Hot Food Porn exclusive sneak peek at part of our end section:


-The Summit logos has been unveiled and we were all very smitten with how everything is looking.  I’m glad they are done because its beginning to get annoying to live without a business card.  I never once thought that was ever important until people kept asking me for one.  Here is another sneak peek of one of posters from our first series of designs.  As you can see, we are focused on the dual “MM” as the primary design for our logo series.  As our designer put it, it exemplifies a mutual meeting point and joining of ideas, which happens to be one of the main objectives/end-results of a summit.


-Figuring out the right plates and flatware is exhausting.  Between my partner and myself, I think we must have spent an hour contemplating the merits of creative visual output versus efficiency on the floor.  We are leaning on contemporary modern, but fairly aggressive.  The plate you see is one of conceptual menu dishes: wild mushroom in vadouvan: butter bolete and chanterelle mushrooms, baby potato medley and chioggia beets.  Sneak peeks galore:


-Dear industry, a job resume is important.  Please learn to write one.  Please.  We are looking for line cooks.  Got some resumes in, but looking for more.  Email: jobs@thesummit-sf.com for more info!

-I have seen some of the most horrendous resumes during from our job posting.  Some of which have contained more intimate information than the Personals section on Craig’s List.  Please, sunset walks on the beach won’t help you at your job. 

-We are currently working out some unique plans for our dessert service, hopefully we can approach it in a very fresh way and offer an interesting approach to it.  Will have more on that as we get into talks with other interested parties.

-Some of the themes and ideas we’ve lived by and considered at every juncture of this project is: craftsmanship, curatorship, local sourcing, and the creation of a sustainable high concept – low cost model as supposed to the saturated “high (cost) low (concept)” market in San Francisco.  I’m sorry to disappoint, but burgers, fried chicken and pizza (as much as I honestly love them) do not currently exist in our menu. 

-We’ve begun to have meetings on setting up the art component to our space.  A lot of that will go through a series of think-tank sessions and an approach not unlike that of an actual gallery.  It’s fairly intense.

-Oh yeah, in some weird world of ours, we ended up with a fantastic intern that has been following and observing our opening process.  Her name is Laura and part of her duties include blogging on her experiences.  Her update will probably end up on Desi’s Summit blog – coming soon.

-We’ve started identifying farms and vendors that we want to work with and I am currently in the process of picking and choosing them.  It really feels like Christmas during this process and it is one of the most creatively energizing and rewarding tasks throughout our project.  Once we get started, we will definitely be detailing our sourcing for our produce.

More stuff to report later this week…