Friday, February 25, 2011

Days of Thunder

The days are passing and just flying by recently.  I had naively imagined that my hours would settle a little and things would begin to even out, but its really been very busy in a good way as of recently.

If I remember properly I think we had 6 different events over the span of 2.5 weeks leading from the end of January to Valentine’s week.  Included in the mix was a community shop/swap event, a Forage SF dinner, an Eventbrite fashion show and a collaborative SF Beer Week dinner with Beer & Nosh, now Almanac founder, Jesse.  The beer dinner was probably the most work-intensive amongst all the others and the most fruitful professionally.  I enjoy our cafe menu, but personally, I get a lot more joy out of being able to stretch my legs creatively in a tasting menu.  Then again, who doesn’t I guess.  Every bit of the experience was worth the planning and extensive work required.

Here is a finalized menu with the beer pairings:


The Summit and Beer & Nosh Tasting Menu

February 14, 2011

Scallop and Citrus Ceviche

-sweet lime and coconut vin, ale carbonated orange, tangerine agrumato,

turnip, jasmine citrus syrup

Almanac Beer Co. Summer 2010 Blackberry Ale

Uni with Soup Dumpling

-house soy broth, elderflower mint gelee, sweet tea cornichon

Drake’s Brett Butler Barrel Aged Triple

Espresso Mole Pancetta in Edible Garden

-espresso mole “soil”, baby radish, minutina

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew

Vadouvan Braised Shortrib

-vadouvan curry, lentils de puy, hedgehog mushrooms, baby carrots

SF Beer Week Collaborative Bourbon Barrel Common

Taleggio Mousse in Choux

-madras curried pineapple compote, Retribution ale reduction sauce

Highwater Brewing Retribution Double IPA

Foie Torchon with Candied Mandarinquat

-brioche, lavender vanilla duck egg sabayon

Firehouse Brewing Pete Support Belgian IPA

Humphry Slocombe Espresso Balsamic Beer Float

Speakeasy Payback Porter infused with TCHO Cocoa Nibs

David Jensen of Beer 47 blog did a recap of the event as well and it can be seen on his blog here.

At the end of beer week, I got a little bit of time off, but I was invited to participate in this month’s Meatpaper SFMOMA event – which for the longest time, I’ve really wanted to partake in.  It was always one of the more thought provoking events  that highlighted the confluence between food and art.  When I got the invitation, I was very flattered and I was very excited to say yes.  It was also an honor in itself to be grouped with Jake of Local Mission and Evan Rich of Coi.  Here is some linkage to Meatpaper and the details for the event.  Visavis, I got a “hot of the presses” copy of Meatpaper yesterday and just blew through it because inside the new issue, I found a piece on Mark Ryden and an interview with personal hero Martin Picard of Au Pied De Cochon.  Pretty awesome stuff when you can’t quite put it down.

In more of the world of Summit news, we were recently featured in Businessweek magazine and also The Atlantic.  Sometimes I’m not sure what to make of the great PR, but it certainly puts a nice end to the work week.

This really has been more of an update blog, I promise there will be more interesting topics including a 2011 primer for next week.  Until then, I think this has been the positive blog I’ve had in months.  Hopefully more good times to come.