Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to Basics

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Just got back from my Montreal/Boston trip after the longest 6 weeks of my life.  But, having had a chance to relax and center myself over the last week, I feel rested and ready to get back to basics.

To get a head start on recharging this blog, I’m going to first let you know how I feel about the upcoming foie ban of 2012 in California.

It is a crock of bullshit.  Essentially a cosmetic issue for posturing lawmakers and peacocking animal rights activist who want to mask their inability to actually factor into more important legislation changes.  Nothing but wasted money, wasted time and wasted energy on something that doesn’t affect 99% of people in this state.  On the scale of food politics, foie gras legislation is probably the least globally important food issue out there.

All that wasted money and campaigning for a fight to piss off seemingly nobody but guys like me. 

So for all the bullshit artists that want to discuss this issue and cry over the injustice of making ducks fat and tasty, then why don’t you first try to tackle anyone of the millions of more important issues that relate to mass meat production, meat standards, oversight for FDA, legislation restrictions on imported produce, organic farming emphasis/subsidy, and process food oversight/education/transparency.

By the way, I ate a lot of foie in Montreal – where they don’t deal with such stupidity when it comes to food.