Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Wonderful Message for The Fight for Sustainable Meat… by Chipotle?

A couple of days ago, I posted the following video via twitter after seeing it before the previews in a theater. 

I have to admit, it was all about the pill shaped piggies when I was watching through the first few seconds, but then as the video unfolded, I was very drawn and then very moved… up until the Chipotle sign showed up on the truck.

Seeing the Chipotle truck almost ruined the video for me, but since that time, I’ve started reading into and studying Chipotle’s new marketing plans to be responsible with sourcing local meat.  I am still skeptical, but I am also a tiny bit impressed.  Whether this is just a ploy with marketing or not, I think its very important that a national fast food chain is capable of taking a stance like this.

But let’s ignore the actual food end of this discussion – what Chipotle ends up doing or promises to do is almost irrelevant.  Putting out a video with this message could quite possibly have more of a positive impact in terms of influencing people than anything Chipotle could do on the plate.  And in some ways, something so well thought out and childlike in design is probably going to affect more people than trotting Michael Pollan out for NPR interview after NPR interview. 

Idealism is great, but if people don’t have a medium to understand the idea, then it is only called futility.  I don’t doubt people have the intelligence to understand complex issues in front of them, but I do not necessarily have faith in their patience or attention span to absorb it. 

I have to credit Chipotle for spending the money and embarking on this project.  Often times we’ve bitched and whined about how irresponsible fast food companies seem to be – making no strides at being responsible with sourcing.  It would be wrong at this point to lay the gauntlet on the first sign of someone trying something different.  If Chipotle responsibly sources meat locally, then they might even end up being one of the few burrito places to do so, because I’m pretty sure that that is not the norm for most of the taquerias in SF. 


Here is a video for the production by Johnny Kelly at Nexus: