Thursday, February 16, 2012

The President Goes For Lunch Gets Grab-Ass Instead

Someone pointed out Obama went to Great Eastern in SF for Chinese food today.  On top of that, they mentioned how the restaurant was one that was serving Shark Fin Soup, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.  Hey smart people, it sucks but its still true that the restaurants serving shark fin are likely still the good ones.  The real travesty here is two-fold:

1. Mr. President should have had inside people know that Chinese food is better coming out of Millbrae, Sunset and or the Richmond.  Total breakdown in intelligence, wtf is the CIA good for if they can’t be say, “We are directing Potus for Peking Duck at Hong Kong Lounge” or a “We need security checks at The Kitchen en route from Air Force One to pick up some roasted pork buns.”  Seriously, someone needs to be hired on this post to get the President the best possible shit to eat.  I’m pretty damn sure Sarkozy’s got his staff up to speed on where the best joints to hit are.  It is unacceptable to be in second place in the world on this. 

P.S.  This could possibly be acceptable to me if he was thinking about swinging around for egg tarts from GG Bakery.  That, I understand.  Great Eastern is a safe bet for dim sum, but the egg tart two-fer would make this a plus choice.

2. Playing grab-ass with the President (photos taken by SF Gate).


Seriously ladies, keep your shit together.  I know he’s the most powerful man in this side of the world, but we can’t all act like Motley Crue groupies when the man rolls around.  The first pic is pretty excusable considering that the lady was pretty short, but that expression and seeing as to how firm the grab was… 50/50 on intent.  But as far as I know, it still would easily get me fired at 9 out of 10 companies for sexual harassment.  As for grab #2, there is no mistake here.  We are purely looking at proof of motive and intent.  Notice how her hand has to reach all the way around and instead of jockeying for position to take a photo, this women is simply trying to make eye contact and give the President a good old butt rubdown.  Man, did someone spike the tea with something?

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