Friday, March 23, 2012

Ridiculous People and Their Shit Cookbooks


Any given day there are about a hundred chefs in each city deserving of putting their work in written form.  And if they did, they would be solid contributions to the study and craft of cooking. 

I can devote two solid chapters to why cookbooks like the ones Rachel Ray and Gwenyth Paltrow write are the reason why the basic American will suck more at cooking by buying them.  In fact, I can argue that by their existence, Americans (in general) will continue to suck and decline at cooking.  Guess what?  You know how people say that we only think our parents and grandparents are better cooks because it’s a generational bias.  Well those people are full of shit, because our parents and grandparents were better cooks – without a doubt.  It’s pretty black and white.

I am fairly annoyed that the shit that gets the news are a couple of relatively talentless celebrities that couldn’t hold their own against most of our mothers and grandmothers.  I don’t care if you wrote with a ghostwriter or not, these are real cookbooks earned with blood and tears:

These are not:

Thomas Keller can use a ghostwriter – I will still buy that.  But even if Rachael Ray wrote every recipe on the Yum-O cookbook, I still wouldn’t wipe my ass with it.

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