Monday, June 11, 2012

The Little Things

During my little hiatus this year, I have the fortunate chance of having the opportunity to spend my summer in NYC – a city that seems to deliver on its promises of big and bright experiences.  But, if this weekend is an indication of the months to come, it is becoming very apparent that the most inspiring and provoking aspects of this rich city come from a collection of incisive details that range from celebrated Michelin restaurant to treasured hidden gems.  It is always the little things are what matter the most.

Here are some of the most notable little things and details that I found inspiring or interesting during my recent weekend in New York. 

  • At the very least, you should walk by Anyway Café on 2nd St. and check out their list of house infused vodkas.  Itty bitty places like this charm my pants off.
  • The Apple Room in Bouley is my favorite room in all of my experiences in fine dining restaurants.  By chance, I walked into Bouley (not for dinner) and was blown away by how simple but provoking it was.
  • If Prune doesn’t win you over with food, it can probably win you just by sheer courage and quirkiness.  Two uncommon things that I loved about Prune: the tubed assortment offered for the brunch dish “Youth Hostel Breakfast” and Alka Seltzers in place of mints.

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  • Wet cement is the best way to make your mark in NY.  Mine can be found on Ludlow and Rivington.

2012-06-08 23.00.55

  • The pink lights and paper dragon in Mission Chinese.
  • The lights made with giant Hobart whisks in The Grey Dog in Nolita are rad as fuck.
  • The Sunday barista at Bowery Coffee pulled the best shot and cappuccino (Counter Culture) I’ve had in a month.  Hats off to the good man that brings me the stuff that keeps me ticking.
  • The beer tap handles at the bar in Fette Sau.
  • The spruce elevator in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg that takes you up to The Ides Bar.
  • The Goose Island Matilda on tap and available for growler at Top Hops on Orchard.
  • I never knew belly dancing could go with a German band in a beer garden, but it was pretty amazing.

2012-06-09 16.36.56(1)

  • Can someone explain why the show Girls decided to do their shooting in every place I went in Williamsburg?  Can someone tell me why I would possibly relate to or enjoy the coming-of-age story of a suburban girl blossoming into a future hipster?  Because I can’t.
  • Golden chocolate Jesus from Bond Street chocolates.
2012-06-10 14.29.34
  • This mural in East Village.

 2012-06-07 17.11.45

  • Pok Pok Wings or Pok Pok in Brooklyn.  Can’t wait to make it a regular thing.
  • Even the ice tea at Le Bernardin was exquisite and refined – much like everything done there.  Other Things I Loved: the offset spatula (used in place of a knife), the giant floral arrangements and the custom Le Bernardin Zagat guide that comes complimentary with a copy of the menu.  

2012-06-08 14.23.18

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