Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Week’s Worth of Musings

Can I get a Barney Stinson Up High for consistency?  Another Tuesday, another random ass amusing column of my random ass amusing thoughts.

Let’s not waste time, onwards march.


Food and Drink Musings:

  • I’m not sure how there can be so many Pho and Vietnamese noodle places in a city, but yet none of them offer something even vaguely close to what I remember Bun Bo Hue is supposed to look like in OC, DC or any other powerhouse Vietnamese neighborhood.  In my eyes, its not Bun Bo Hue unless we get some goddamn pork parts in there. 
  • I’m fairly sure there is the exact same amount of meat in Turtle Tower’s small and big #4’s.  Which is perfect because I don’t really try to eat the noodles.  It’s a diet thing.
  • In one afternoon, I realized I had the following pastry options of: a giant Tartine seeded wheat, a pack of Marla Bakery (NoPa vet Amy Brown’s new bakery company) Parker House rolls and a Craftsman and Wolves Rebel Within muffin.  That’s a triple threat like nobody’s business.
  • Scrambled eggs should never be brown.  Ever.
  • I roast a chicken every week it seems (sandwiches, dinner, salad, whatever).  And if you are smart, you know to split it in half and roast over  a 10 inch saute pan with veggies or whatever below.  Here is one of my favorite options.  If you should happen to obtain the patience for it, toss toasted sourdough wheat with aromatics (and onions, leeks, tomatoes, whatever) and coat with your typical bread pudding quantity of cream/egg.  Split a whole brined chicken for roasting and place it over this bread pudding mix in the oven for roasting.  Finish roasting chicken, but don’t eat the bread pudding.  It will seem wet from chicken juices.  Drain as needed.  Refrigerate and save it for eating the next day.  It will be amazing hot or cold.  Some things just need more time.
  • More places need to immediately carry Dolin Blanc.  In my eyes, this is the only thing that is versatile to handle almost any gin. 
  • There are way too many gins out there to explore right now, I’m like a kid in a candy store with all these different varietals.  Oh yeah, barrel aged gin, once thought as the next big thing, has arrived.    
  • Caught a girl ordering a martini with Hendrick’s gin – my favorite as a 21 year old, but I grew sick of it very quickly.  It used to be the rare option at the bar with the Tanq and Sapphire as the common standstills.  Now, it just bothers me with its overwhelming fragrance and lack of subtlety.  Gin has come a long way in less than a decade.  Its not a very good gin for a martini – which will bring me to another point about the girl and venue later…
  • If you ever shake my gin martini, don’t expect me to pay $12 for it – let alone drink it.
  • The ratio between cravings and eating Indian food and NY pizza are about 300:2.  It’s the ultimate buyer’s remorse of healthy eating.
  • The ultimate buyer’s remorse of drinking: Vodka Red Bull.
  • The ultimate buyer’s remorse of party decision making: Vodka Red Bull
  • Went to a cookie party and decided to keep it simple and just make great chocolate chunk cookies.  I need to try to remember to stop auto-piloting my ratio recipe because I sometimes forget how much batter my production recipe generates.
  • Fermentation, preservation and pickling has certainly begun to spike in terms of restaurant use, but I’d argue the surface is barely scratched here.  The tough part about this issue is that it is not readily or easily acceptable for people to approach certain cultural fermented items.  It sometimes involves very intense flavor profiles that can only be acceptable if introduced early on or for many years.  Items like belacan, fermented soy in red wine, stinky tofu, thousand year egg, soy pickles, Asian salt/spice cured radish, Chinese dried/cured fermented fish are not quite household items.  There’s an entire world out there that isn’t touched yet.
  • Vinny at Bar Tartine is probably the nicest man in this entire SF industry and I finally got to eat there this year after insisting to him that I would be there at some point this year.  Sadly, my friend got sick from a long day at Napa and had to cut dinner short, but I do wish I could have made it to the entrée portion of my meal, so I could continue stuffing my face.
  • I made fun of Beef Tartare earlier this year, despite the fact that I really, really love to order and eat it.  To me, it always seems a relic of dining, but flavor-wise, it is rather timeless.  Of course, its showing up on menus now like gangbusters.  In. my. face.


On Food Life

  • Went to Wonderfull at Mezzanine on Saturday night.  It’s a yearly party run by my friends and their collective called Massive Selector.  Still the best party of the year.
  • Went to Chambers for the first time on a whim, it was too sceney for my blood, bordering on Marina.  And of course, there’s a clueless girl who when pressed by the bartender over what gin to use for her martini, randomly selected Hendrick’s. 
  • Good lovers are only good lovers because they know what they love and they know how to appreciate something to be loved – with conviction.
  • There was probably some sort of weird cosmic significance to all of the odd, disappointing, surreal, marvelous and unexpected personal moments last week, but I’d be damned if I could tell you if I knew what it all meant.  We’re on Tuesday and the weekend felt like a light year ago.
  • Went to the Armory Club for the first time and the most impressive thing was the crowd.  It was never too full or stuffy and there was never a long wait at the bar.  The crowd was pretty diverse.
  • A couple of older gentlemen (50’s) accompanied by younger women (mid/late 30’s) were hanging out at the Armory Club when one of the women struck up a conversation with me.  Oddly enough, she told me that they were there on some sort of business thing with Kink.com (like some sort of odd partying big wig types) and asked where they should go to find a decent party with people (lounge/club maybe).  I listed a few places nearby and then they asked if my friend and myself might want to join them.  This seemed oddly out of the ordinary and intrigued us, so we decided to ask as they were leaving if they were indeed planning on going to the recommended place.  The older gentlemen apparently convinced the most of the party that they should head back to the hotel in San Mateo.  One of the women stayed behind – who then told us that they were all just executives for a company and not some clandestine inappropriate escort/liaison situation.  Shit, that was disappointing.  Pretty much sums up my week, beautiful flashes of wonder and intrigue, followed by just a whole lotta meh.     

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